Q&A with Shane Whitfield

Shane Whitfield
Shane Whitfield (ScarboroughPhotography.com)

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Your younger brother Jordan signed an NLI with the Camels last month.  How did you see his recruitment from the inside, both as a teammate and a sibling?
"(Campbell's) coaches were at all of (Jordan)'s AAU games over the summer. He just felt comfortable here with the coaches. They really wanted him, and he just felt this was the right place for him.  He'd been to the games. He knew the campus. It felt like a family to him." 

How excited are you about having another chance to play on the same team as Jordan?
"It's great, obviously, because he's my brother and we have that chemistry. We played together one year at Word of God. It's going to be a fun time playing with him again." 

What's the best thing about Campbell University?
"The small town unity. Everybody's family. Everybody knows each other. The basketball is great, the fans are great. I just like the energy, the chemistry around campus." 

When you decided to transfer after a year at Lehigh, why did you choose Campbell?
"I knew the coaches. They were recruiting me when they were at Richmond, so I just felt like this was the right spot for me." 

What's your role within the team?
"I have to make sure I'm a leader to the young guys, make sure they're on the right track, and be that voice for them." 

What are your strengths?
"My defense, versatility, being able to handle the ball, pass and doing a lot of different things." 

What do you like most about this year's team?
"We're all focused and willing to learn, willing to get better every day." 

Who is your favorite player, one after which you might have patterned your game?
"Tracy McGrady was probably my favorite player, then as he got older, Carmelo Anthony. They have smooth games, can pat the rock for their size and pass." 

Who is your greatest influence?
"My parents (Jeff and Zeel). They work so hard for me and my brother and sister. I just want to be successful for them." 

What are your plans beyond graduation?
"Get my master's degree. If basketball overseas is an option - to play professionally. Then to work in a professional career in health care." 

Where can this team finish in the Big South this year
"Winthrop has some older guys coming back, but with what we have, we should at least be able to finish in the top five."

What do you enjoy doing with your spare time?
"Going to watch soccer, volleyball and supporting the other teams around campus."

What is your favorite pro team?
"None.  I like Carmelo (Anthony) but I'm not really a Knicks fan." 

Where's the best place to eat off campus around The Creek?
"Campus Grill (cheeseburger and wings)" 

What is one thing most people don't know about you?
"I used to play the violin from first to third grade.  I haven't played in a long time."